February 18, 2020

Nazarene College of Nursing

Mogry, he was one of our kids, and a great guy!

One of the blessing these past couple of years has been our involvement with the "Big Brother Big Sister" program that the College of Nursing has as part of their nursing program.  We started out with 5 nursing students and over the last 2 or so years we had some graduate and gained another one or two along the way.   We  have watched Christian movies with them and we have played games with them.   I will say once they understand the game, they are gamers!   They are truly great kids!  

In January the College of Nursing held their annual retreat for the 3rd year students.   The nursing program is a three year program so these kids will be graduating at the end of February.    Susan and I were asked by the Nursing College chaplain, Andrew, if we would come and speak about God's will.  Wow!  That is a serious topic to share with the these kids who are soon graduating.   After praying about it and thinking about it,  I read a couple of books to get my thinking flowing.   One was by John MacArthur and Charles Stanley.  We also included our own personal testimonies on how we came to be missionaries in PNG these past 18 years and the preparation it took to get here.   God spoke to the hearts of these young people who will be going out all across PNG to serve in clinics and hospitals.   Ministering to the sick and hurting and in some cases ministering to those in need of spiritual healing.   We thank our heavenly Father for this opportunity to share with these precious young adults.   Please pray for them as they prepare for their future in nursing that God would use them and protect them as they move out across PNG.

The 3rd years who will graduate at the end of February.

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