April 17, 2014

Visiting the Jimi Valley

Panoramic view of the Bromley District Center in the Jimi Valley.
This is the river that we were collecting stone from. 
It crosses the road you travel on.
These are some of the kids and adults who were
watching the "white skins" putting stone into
the back of a Landcruiser.
As the song says, "We get by with a
 little help from our friends."

It is very nice to visit the Jimi Valley.  It is remote, quiet, peaceful and deep in the mountains of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  The Jimi Valley is also home to The Bromley District here in PNG.  The district is named after William Bromley who along with his wife and family, opened the work there and who also died and is buried there.   Through the years the district has grown and is now a phase 3 district.   Our current district superintendent there is Kamda Kanzpena, and under his leadership the district is doing well.   Kamda is a great man of faith, precious and a good friend.    I was there there for 3 days this week along with other missionary guys.  We had some guests with us and went into the Jimi to show them some of the more remote places in PNG.   To get to the Bromely district you would need to either hike about 4 days over some very rough mountainous terrain or you take a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is tough and travel by road.   To call it a road, at times, is being gracious.   Forty some miles (Kudjip to Bromely district) takes anywhere from 5 to 6 hours, in 4-wheel low, depending on when the last rain fell!  We have also had reports of longer times than that.   But as one of the drivers I must confess, it is fun to go 4-wheeling.  We had a lot of fun.  We worked on adding stone to the little road into the district house where we stay when visiting the district center.  We drove about 15 minutes to the river where we would load up the Toyota Landcruiser with stone and come back and put the stone on the road and did this 3 different times.  On the way back to Kudjip we got stuck 3 times and we would put a tow strap on the front of the Landcruiser and Nationals would help pull us up the hill till we could get traction again.   It was a great time and it is always nice to see the awesome creation of our Heavenly Creator!

Randy is ministering to all God's creatures. 
This Cassowary was enjoying the music
Randy was playing for the kids.

April 11, 2014

Church Development Adventures

A little guy inside the Zion Nazarene Church
God is faithful!  As I am learning this new roll I find myself in as Field Church Development Coordinator, God is leading.   As I am being stretched in this roll God is blessing.   I was reading today from our General Superintendent David Busic's book "Perfectly Imperfect," and he was talking about Joseph and how he was faithful to God's timing, even as he sat in an Egyptian prison.  How at the right time God brought him to a place where he was second in the land only to pharaoh.   My hope is that I too will be faithful as God leads in this new roll that I find myself, that all things would come in His timing.   

Iron Bottom Sound at Honiara
A few weeks ago I made a trip to the Solomon Islands.  I met up with our FSC, Harmon Schmelzenbach, as we were there to meet with the district leaders.   It was a chance for me to meet them and introduce myself.   It was a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people.  Be in prayer for the Solomon Islands as they are recovering from devastating rain and flooding that hit them several days ago.   God is helping the Zion Nazarene Church in Honiara to be a light in some dark times there in the Solomons.  They are working hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus  to the Solomon Islanders, some who have lost just about everything.

Mounted Gun still standing guard at Henderson Field
It was really neat for me to be in the Solomons because I have done a bit of reading on World War II, since I have been living in the South Pacific these past 13 years.  The airfield we landed on is the same airfield that are Service Men fought so hard for in 1942, Henderson Field.  Iron Bottom Sound was so named because of the number of ships sunk in this body of water during the Guadalcanal Campaign.   There are still reminders of the war around Honiara.

Drove this road the final hour of my trip
The people welcoming  all invited guests.  The man with suit
& red tie is the chief of the village, he attends the Nazarene
church in his village and invited the district to have the
pastors gathering in his village. 
This sign hung above the road as we drove up.
This past week I made a trip To the Southern Highlands.   I was asked by DS Joseph if I would come and share with the pastors who were there for a week of training.   I left Tuesday morning at 6:35 am and drove over 5 hours to reach the remote village where the training was taking place.   DS Joseph greeted me with the news that at Monday night's worship service several had come forward to pray and that Tuesday morning as he was teaching Bible Trekking to the pastors and others who had gathered that 2 ladies came forward to accept Jesus as Savior.  God is moving  and we are thankful for all who have come forward during this weeks meetings.  The neat part of this is that the gathering is taking place in a village so there are villagers who have been attending the training and worship services.   I was asked if I would present Church Discipline and the process of ordination.   I thank the Lord for His help.   Tuesday evening's worship service several more people came forward as the Lord was dealing with their hearts.   My goal is to help the leadership of the Nazarene Church in PNG to feel and be equipped in building up the PNG church.   As they bring areas they feel they want training in we will be working to provide it.   These are just a couple of ways Church Development as been developing on the Melanesian & South Pacific Fields.  I appreciate the prayers and support of God's family and I ask you to please, keep lifting Church Development up to our Lord.

The path we walked to get into the area where
the pastor's training took place.

"... to equip the saints for the
work of ministry, that is, to
build up the body of Christ."
Eph. 4:12



April 10, 2014

Church Development Video

If you would like to see the latest video concerning Church Development in Papua New Guinea this link will take you to "youtube.com" to see the video.  This video was shot and created by the Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Team.


March 28, 2014

Isaac Gets a New Heart for all Eternity

My little friend Isaac went to be with Jesus at 10 pm on Sunday, March 16th.  
Thank you for your prayers for him. Please continue to pray for the family as they mourn the loss of his life.  I find comfort in knowing that Isaac no longer has to deal with shortness of breath, swollen legs, pain and weakness.  He can run and play and be happy on those Streets of Gold! I'm trusting, too, that Isaac's family sensed our love and concern for him and the entire family while at Nazarene Hospital.

March 14, 2014

Extra special kiddo on the ward

There are on occasion those kids on the ward that pull at your heart strings a little extra hard.  For me, most recently, that has been Isaac Gabby.  Isaac has a restrictive cardiomyopathy.  It is a disease affecting his heart which we can not cure.  He has not grown well and has signs of not oxygenating well for a long time.  He was admitted a month or so ago with increased symptoms of heart failure.  We have worked hard to maximize his treatment but have not seen as much improvement as I would have liked.  
Isaac has been recently introduced to jigsaw puzzles!  I found several puzzles that weren't too big and he enjoyed them very much.  So, when I decided to start a puzzle at the house, I thought of Isaac and felt confidant he would very much enjoy helping me with it.   A couple of Saturdays ago I was able to borrow an oxygen concentrator in order that Isaac could come and be on oxygen here while working on the puzzle with me.  It was a nice time for him and his mom to get out of the hospital and for me to share this time with him, along with a few cookies and a soda!
Pray with me for Isaac, that God would touch him physically and that he would truly understand how much God loves him!

Back in the Swing of Things

It didn't take long upon our return to PNG to feel like we were right back into life at Nazarene Hospital!  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season although there was something...or rather someone...lacking.  This was our first Christmas without Jessica's bright smiling face. We did have opportunity to Skype and thought about her much. Having such a wonderful mission family helped a lot!

MAF landings in remote PNG always draws a crowd!
Our Birthday Boy!!!
Jeff has been doing more and more with his new position and it has been good.  He traveled recently out to Dusin and then to the Jimi valley, both remote areas with our Field Strategy Coordinator.  Then just last week he was in the Solomon Islands to meet with our National leadership.  Keep praying for him as this new role continues to develop.
For Ethan, he had a little catching up to do with his schoolwork but has managed to get there.  In Feb Ethan turned 16 yrs old. Hard to believe!  We are very proud of the young man he has become! This past week he and his school chums all went to Madang, a coastal town, for their spring break.
For myself, I continue to serve as Director of Medical Services but have managed to be in the clinic and in the hospital wards more which has been a very welcome change! 
Jessica is doing wonderfully at MVNU.  She has had many new experiences and made some special friendships.  God is good!

November 3, 2013

Coming to a close

Well, here we are nearing the end of our HA already.  Much has happened!  We again have had the privilege of seeing the Lord work in our lives.  We have met many new friends and have seen lots of places we have never seen before.

Myers with Alison in Hobbiton, New Zealand
I'll give just a few highlights.   First, we had one last very fun hurrah with our college student!  We made a side trip through New Zealand on our home in July.  That was great fun and made even more so because we spent our time with one of our previous MK school teachers Allison!  She showed us all kinds of fun places!

Niagara Falls
Upon our arrival to the US moments after midnight on July 25th we started with
New Student Orientation at MVNU! Following those exciting days and through the month of August we visited the dentist, the eye doctor (Ethan is sporting contacts for the first time!), primary care docs, Niagara Falls with Susan's folks, Cook Forest with Jeff's folks, a Cleveland Indians game, a rehearsal dinner and wedding of Susan's niece, Jessica's Graduation Party for family and US friends, a family reunion and more. All of that in addition to beginning our speaking engagements!
This HA we have had opportunity to visit churches in Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and New Jersey!  It is so great to know that we have Nazarene family members wherever we go.  Thank you to all of you who welcomed us with open arms!  We will treasure these times for years to come!
The countdown is on as we begin to get all the loose ends tied up, visit a few more friends and family members and begin packing.  It has been tough, as expected, coming to grips with allowing our daughter to spread her wings.  But, there too, God has been helping us. 
Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for our departure.  We are trusting in God's faithfulness and provisions to meet all of our needs, including Jessica's, in the coming months.

July 14, 2013

Heading Home!

It is almost 7 pm Sunday, July 14th and we are nearly all packed!!!  We will be taking a little time for a family vacation on the way home and then will hit the ground running! Thank you for all your prayers and your support!
We are very much enjoying the propsect of spending time with our friends and family!
Love you all!
The Myers 4

June 6, 2013

Graduation at George Rench Memorial High School, Kudjip, PNG

It's hard to believe our little Jessica is all grown up and ready to leave the nest. The last official day of High School was last week Wed, May 29th!

We had a graduation ceremony on April 13th since our only other graduating senior would be heading to the US on April 20th and we wanted to all share this momentous occasion together. We had it all! Graduation caps and gowns, videos of the kids' growing up years, diplomas, a graduation message and more..including tears! It was very special and we are so thankful for our missionary family who's presence made it that much more memorable. After the ceremony we enjoyed a delicious graduation cake prepared by Diane Chapman, one of our missionaries, along with some other goodies and a
wonderful time of fellowship.
The next step on Jessica's journey in life is to begin studies at Mount Vernon Nazarene University this fall.

March 17, 2013

Rewind...to December and January!

Wow!  I can't believe it is already the middle of March!  No doubt a definite sign of aging! 
We are well here in PNG.  We have seen much happen over the past few months and many times when God's hand of protection and grace have been evident. 
I am going to take a few moments to re-wind a little and highlight some events since our last post which, if you look below, was nearly 4 months ago!  Jeff's  parents came for a visit arriving the end of Nov.  We have always told our folks if they are going to spend the money to come they should stay as long as they can.  That is what they did!  We were able to enjoy our special Christmas English Lotu (Service) on Dec 2nd which is always a treat.  Jessica and Susan's birthdays were celebrated on Dec 14th and 16th respectively.  We went to the big metropolis (that is of course a relative term!) of Mt. Hagen and spent some time shopping and was able to have lunch at the Squash Club. That was nice!  Our annual Christmas Eve, Eve party was held on the eve of Christmas Eve, Eve this year!  We have made it a tradition of having a party on the 23rd so as not to interfere with any special Christmas Eve services.  Since Christmas was on Tues this year, that means Christmas Eve was on Monday and Christmas Eve, Eve was on Sunday. That didn't seem like the best time for our party either since there were special services at the church.  So, we went to the 22nd!  Everyone brings a holiday treat to share and we play games and have fun together as a mission family.  This year's big game was a Christmas movie trivia game where we played short clips from various Christmas movies and then asked trivia questions related to the clip.  We had fun putting it together and I think all had fun playing it.  Christmas also brings the tradition of Christmas Caroling on the hospital wards and giving gifts to the patients which is always a special time. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful members of our family living and working together here at Kudjip Station.
We brought the New Year in, just our family, with horns and sparklers and then went to bed!  Jeff's Birthday on Jan 9th gave us another very special something to celebrate and another excuse for more cake and ice cream!!  A little later in January we took Jeff's folks to Kumul Lodge where we got to observe and take lots of pictures of two varieties of Birds of Paradise, parrots, and several other beautiful birds. It was nice.  The end of the month before Jeff's folks left on the 25th , we enjoyed one last Birthday celebration as it was Ethan and Grandma's turn! 
Pics to come!