February 26, 2018


Baby Susan at 12 hours of age!
The culture in PNG is a very relational one.   A PNG National who's life you have touched through friendship or helping them with something or by being a part of a significant gathering may choose to honor you by giving you a gift.  That gift may be a bilum (string bag) made just for you or by bringing you gifts of produce from their garden.  Or, a very special way, would be to name one of their children after you!  The child would be referred to as your "Namesake".
A few weeks ago when I was on call I had been following the progress of two ladies in labor.  Their progress was a bit slow and so I was checking on them pretty regularly.  The time came when I decided we needed to go to plan B and get each of these ladies ready for a C-section.  The one lady's unborn baby was showing signs of distress so I took her to the OR first.  When we were near finished I asked one of the operating theater staff to call the labor ward and have them bring the second lady over.  After she had been brought over and we were ready to move her onto the operating table  I felt impressed to check her one more time to see if she had dilated completely or not.  Well guess what?!  She had and although this mama was pretty worn out I thought we could safely get the baby out with vacuum assistance and avoid a CS.  We were successful!  Both mama and baby did well!  Yeah!!  Mama was very pleased and asked me my name and right then and there named her newborn baby girl Susan!

February 5, 2018

Important Training in Church Development!

Jeff teaching the Articles of Faith.  The Illustrated
Articles of Faith are a great tool!
Joani Goossens going over church board
budgets and finance.

DS Ako Arua of the South Coast District.
This past weekend I, along with Karla and Joani, from the Field Office spent the weekend in Port Morsbey teaching and training pastors and church board members on the South Coast district.   We left on Friday from Hagen and flew to PNG's capitol city.    I taught about the Nazarene Articles of Faith (by the way do you know have many Article the Nazarene Church has?) and talking about the duties and responsibilities of the Church Board as well as covering the calling of a pastor.   On Saturday morning  Karla startled off covering Statistics.   Statistics are on of the areas that Karla is often training in.   I very much like the way Karla has explained it to our district secretaries, it is important to understand and get the statistics reported correctly because, "it is the way in which we tell the Church what God is doing in the Church of PNG!"   God is doing great things here in PNG!   Joani is our Field Treasure and was asked to come and share concerning church budgets.    Our National brothers and sisters are very eager to learn and they were asking a lot of great questions through out the weekend sessions.    I appreciate DS Ako asking us to come down, it was a great time together.    Ds Ako and his sweet wife Lilly are special to us as DS Ako was our first pastor here at the Station church when Susan and I first arrived in PNG.   DS Ako and Lilly also were pioneer members in radio ministry in PNG.   DS Ako was one of the 5 original (as I like to say) Founding Fathers of Radio Ministry.    Lilly was one of our first Directors of the Women's program that we air across PNG.   Sho also came up with the name for the program Krai Bilong Ol Meri, (The Cry of the Women).   We thank the Lord for His hand upon this weekend!   We had great fun with the South Coast District and they were very appreciative.
Karla Deuel training in Church Statistics.

February 2, 2018

Do people really read these?

We have quite a few informative posters on various walls in the Pediatric Ward and around the hospital. I have wondered at times just how often these gets read.  Do they ever get read?
Well, I was happy to see that at least one poster concerning child health was very thoroughly examined this morning!! 😊

Until I interrupted him of course!!

January 14, 2018

Partners in Life

We need each other, that’s a given!  What would life be like if we had to face everything alone?  It would be sad, discouraging, limiting, hard, joyless, empty, and overwhelming.

Our work load at Nazarene Hospital varies depending on the inpatient census, the length of the outpatient line, whether it is coffee bean season when people have more money readily available for clinic fees, how many docs are on HA (Home Assignment), how many volunteers we have, how many difficult cases each doc sees on any given day and more.  The most difficult cases are often the ones for whom we have no treatment options.  The ones we have to give bad news to.  A few of these in a short period of time, leaves me feeling emotionally spent.  We are, in our own strength…not strong at all.  We are weak. 

We need the God of all Creation and we need each other!  That’s what He intended.  That we would live in community with one another, believers bound by our common desire to bring glory to the Master.  As believers in community we are able to build each other up, combine our strengths and resources, help meet each other’s needs and, as partners in the Gospel, accomplish so much more for Him!  We see this very picture in Acts chapter 2.  The disciples devoted themselves to meeting together, breaking bread together, praying together.  Verse 44 says, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.” The result of this was, “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

As partners we can celebrate Kingdom successes together! 

This past November we held our District Assemblies in 17 districts across 7 island nations in PNG and the South Pacific Fields.  44 ordinations took place!  Let’s celebrate! 

Through Chaplain ministry at Nazarene Hospital 8 new church plants have been started in the past 2 years. Through Nazarene Radio Ministry two new church plants have been started as well!  Let’s celebrate! 

We had 2 new doctors join our Medical staff in 2017. Another will join us in July and still another in Jan 2019!  God is continuing to call doctors to medical missions! Nazarene Hospital is in the process of being approved by the PNG Surgical Society to serve as a training site for young national surgeons! We will be able to actively help in the training of PNG surgeons as well!  Let’s celebrate!  All of us!  We are in this together!

Jeff and I need you!  We need your prayers, your love and concern and your financial support.  Would you take some time to prayerfully consider how God might use you to partner with us for His Kingdom work in PNG? (2 Corinthians 8:3-4)

If you would like to be added to a list of Prayer Partners and/or if you would like more information on partnering with us, contact us at drsusanmy@gmail.com  If you would like to contribute financially now, go to http://web.nazarene.org/goto/Myers

May you be overwhelmed today only by His amazing love and peace!

Jeff and Susan

January 13, 2018


There have not been too many days where I have seen Gerad smile.  But on Thursday this past week I did!  He got tickled about something silly I said.  I then asked him if I could take his picture in order to share with my friends and ask for them to pray for him.  He smiled again for the photo!
I mentioned Gerad in a recent post.  From what we are able to discern he has a cancer we are unable treat.  He's just 10 years old and has a sweet smile when I can get a glimpse of one.  Every day when I see him he tells me he wants ice water.  So, for the past week I have been putting a plastic bottle of water in the freezer each night so that I can offer it to him the next day. It's such a  little thing but he sure does enjoy it!
Please keep praying for Gerad.  His family is working on arrangements for transporting him back to their home place.  They are from the island of Manus which is off the north coast of the main island of PNG.  It will not be an easy trip for him or his family.  Pray that they will sense God's presence with them every day and be drawn closer to Him.

December 31, 2017

2 Cuties and a few prayer requests

Lavina is such a sweetie and is totally loving this banana!!  She started her life as a tiny preemie and so hung out with us for a while in the nursery till she was big enough to go home.  Sadly, she still comes in very regularly and stays with us on the pediatric ward.  She has congenital lobar emphysema and doesn't have a lot of lung reserve.  The slightest little cold can trigger her to decompensate and require another hospital stay primarily for oxygen therapy till she recovers. Pray for her and her parents. They pastor a Nazarene church nearby and are wonderful parents to this little one. As time has gone by, Lavina seems to come in more frequently and takes longer to recover.  Her future is uncertain.

The next little cutie, is just that!!  A cutie!  I can't remember now why he was admitted to the hospital but couldn't resist including his picture!!
Please remember a kiddo named Gerad.  He is 10 years old and has broken both his thigh bones, up at the hip joint, because of an underlying disease that is affecting his bones.  We are unable to confirm the underlying disease process at this time but are investigating it. One of the biggest issues we face here on an almost daily basis is sorting out the difficult cases largely because of a lack of various lab and radiologic tests beyond the basics.  Then there is the issue of treatment options.  Even when we can confirm the more unusual cases, we often times are unable to provide proper treatment. Please pray for Gerad as we continue to seek a proper diagnosis and explore treatment options.  Pray that we can control his pain. Pray that we can show Gerad and his family that God loves him like crazy and that we can know how best to support and encourage them.

God is Good and He is Faithful!

We tend to take a look back over the year as we near the end of one and enter into the next.  There have been ups and downs this past year.  True, that is typical for every year, right?  But as I look back I feel blessed.  Even, or maybe I should say, especially in the difficult days, God is in control and He is Good and He is Faithful!
I guess I thought as the years went by as a missionary it would become easier and easier being away from family.  We have family and friends here and the work is part of who we are and we are happy and fulfilled in it. As far as missing family and our homeland there are other benefits, not the least of course, is knowing we are doing what God wants, that make up for it.  I think I was pretty much on target with thinking things would get easier, at least on some levels, until our kids left home.  Then things changed and it became a whole different kind of hard.  But in these days, too, God continues to love and lead and provide what we need to carry on.  We do look forward to being with our kids and family and some times the days can't go by fast enough...but again, God will meet our needs and look after our kids and family till we can be with them again!
This past year we lost two family members. Well, they're not lost actually! They're dancing in the streets of gold in the heavenly realm!  But we sure miss them.  God has been faithful and continues to be a help and a stronghold to their families.  It is truly amazing to see His hand in all things.

Jim imparting wisdom during our farewell party.
Everyone in PNG knows Dr. Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, or so it seems!  They served here in PNG for 32+ years!  Wow!!  We only have 16 more years to catch up to them! 😊  We said good-bye to them on Dec 23rd.  Oh, we expect to see them again but not as full-time missionaries here in PNG which leaves a big hole for us here.  But, yet again, God is faithful and He will be with us still and with them as well.  Change is inevitable and since we can't "change" it, we may as well embrace it!  We'll look forward to re-uniting and will pray for all the ways they will be ministering Stateside.
We have three new missionary families who have joined us over the past year!  We have had the pleasure of serving as missionary mentors to Justin, Stephanie and Amber Joy Miller and Sheryl Uyeda.  Justin is one of those techi type guys and works in our Field Office while Stephanie has been involved with our MK school. Sheryl is our newest surgeon! They are all doing an awesome job.  Love and appreciate their sensitivity to answering God's call on their lives and so glad we get to journey with them!  
Sheryl and I
God bless you all as you reminisce over the past year.  May your hearts and minds be filled with precious memories of God's Goodness and Faithfulness in your lives!  He is, in fact, the only One we can have absolute confidence and trust in, the One who will NEVER leave us!  

November 8, 2017

Meningitis, meningitis, meningitis...

I mentioned a few weeks back that we are seeing a lot of children, infants mostly, with meningitis (infection in the meninges, the tissues around the brain).  Well, late yesterday afternoon we lost another child to this nasty infection.  Please be in prayer with us on how we can best help these little ones.  Pray that every healthcare provider across the country will be attuned to the signs and symptoms of meningitis such that appropriate treatment can be started early and lives can be spared.  Pray not only that these precious children will survive but they will not have long term brain injury that prohibits them growing and developing normally.

These three little ones all have brain injury from their recent infections.  Pray for their parents, too, as they deal with caring for children with disabilities.  There are not a lot of services available to them to help and encourage along the way.
Thank you!  God is faithful and He does hear our prayers!

Saying good bye after 676 days in hospital!!

Tuesday Nov 7th, was a bitter sweet day for the Pediatric ward staff and I.  Anna was 13 yrs old when she came to us. She is paralyzed from the waist down and had infected deep pressures sores, down to the bone.  We did all kinds of wound care with different types of dressings and antibiotics to get the infection under control and promote wound healing. She had major surgery as well involving muscle flaps to fill in the defect.
Yesterday, after being in the hospital for 676 days she was discharged!  Anna doesn't have any family members who are able to care for her and her special needs.  However, a Catholic run orphanage has agreed to take Anna into their care.  We celebrated with balloons, flowers, signs, gifts, cookies and sodas for all the A ward staff, patients and their caregivers! Words of appreciation and encouragement were shared along with a prayer offered by Chaplain Moses.
Pray for Anna as she embarks on this new chapter.  Pray specifically that there will be someone at the orphanage who will be willing to invest in Anna, that she will feel loved, that she can get an education, that she will follow the Lord faithfully and experience whatever God has for her to the fullest!

October 31, 2017

District Assemblies Underway in PNG

You only get to Dusin by plane!  Our pilot going over the
pre-flight stuff with us.
A look at the very neatly cultivated gardens.  This is how the
vast majority of people in PNG live, by the food they grow.
DS Peni, giving his report.
The District Assembly season is underway in Papua New Guinea.   Yesterday we kicked off the district assemblies with an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) flight into the mountains of PNG.   This year on the Middle Ramu District 11 ordination candidates were waiting to be ordained by our General Superintendent Jesse Middendorf.   We had a great time of fellowshiping and worshiping with our precious brothers and sisters in Christ of the Middle Ramu district.   Samoan missionary, Peni Fakaua, has been the DS for the last 5 years and has aggressively been providing ministerial education, through the EBS (Extension Bible School) program for the pastors of his district.   Many of these pastors walk in, taking 2 or 3 days to make the trip, to attend these educational classes every 6 weeks.   Peni's DS report to General Middendorf, was an exciting report of how God has been working on the MRD!  Since Peni has started the EBS program the district has graduated 52 student from the program.  The MRD has 58 churches, 100% of those churches are pastored by district licensed or Ordained Elders.  They have 13 preaching points (new churches), this year the added 319 new members for a district total of 4355 members on the Middle Ramu district.   Also, at this district assembly Rev. Sivas Jambal was appointed as the new district superintendent of the Middle Ramu district.    Please be in prayer for Rev. Sivas and his wife Sinda as they lead the district forward in reaching the lost for Christ!  Also a part of this district assembly was the privilege of seeing 11 candidates answering God's call on their lives as they were ordained by General Middendorf, becoming Elders in the Church of the Nazarene.   Please pray for the 17 districts that make up the Melanesian & South Pacific Fields.
We were greeted warmly with singing by the
 Middle Ramu District.
Newly appointed DS Rev. Sivas and
his wife Sinda Jambal.

Long time friend,
Rev. Obed Ingaun

General Middendorf during the ordination service.