November 21, 2020

Near ready to Fly the Friendly Skies once again!

Wow!  This has been quite a year!  BUT, our God remains faithful!!  Yes?  Forever and always we can count on Him.  

Like many of you our schedule and plans have changed repeatedly throughout the year.  Included in that was a shift in our Home Assignment.  We have just confirmed our flights to the US and Lord willing, we will depart PNG on Dec 3rd (your Dec 2nd evening) and arrive in Canton, OH late on Dec 4th.  We will have the special joy of spending time with family, as much as COVID 19 will allow, thru the end of the month and then begin sharing what God has been doing in PNG with wonderful folks in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland and on the New England District.  If you have a need or desire for a couple of PNG missionaries to share with your group, drop us a line!  We would love to connect! 

We would love to have you partner with us in praying for several specific needs we have.  Would you do that for us?  There's nothing like knowing your brothers and sisters are going before The Throne on your behalf. AND. God hears our prayers!

Prayer Requests:

1) Flights to and from PNG are few under the world's current conditions.  We were only able to confirm our tickets this morning.  We will be traveling west, the long way around the globe, to get home this time. Please pray that our flights will not be cancelled and that we will safely arrive in the US as per our itinerary.

2) We are in need of a vehicle to drive during this time home. God has always provided this need and we are confidant He has a plan in place even now.  If you think you might be part of His plan in one way or another please let us know. 

3) Pray for us to be sensitive to God's leading in exactly what He would like us to share and how He would like us to share it in the various services we have scheduled.

4) Pray for safety as we travel about to the various churches we have scheduled and for flexibility during this ongoing pandemic.  Pray for wisdom in knowing when we need to make adjustments and for creativity in connecting with churches where face-to-face gathering may not be possible. 

4) The purpose of a Home Assignment is multifaceted.  Our primary goal is to help people in our churches to connect with what God is doing around the world, specifically in PNG for us.  We hope to excite you for missions!  Another goal is to recruit prayer support.  The work and ministry that happens here in PNG through the Nazarene Church all belongs to God!  And God works through your prayers!  Finally, we receive deputation offerings that allow us to continue to do what we believe God has called us to do. Pray for people to be open to how God directs in this important area.

Thank you so much for partnering with us!!

Blessings on all of you!

Jeff and Susan

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