April 19, 2019

Change, change, change

So much has happened since our last post, it's hard to know where to start! I'll try to give a brief synopsis.  And since I like lists, I am going to make one!.
1) The kids that went to Pt. Moresby for heart caths did great!  One of them needs a little different something to fix her defect and will be returning to Moresby on May 6th.  Her name is Neola.  Pray for her and this upcoming procedure. Two kids have traveled to the US for heart surgery.  They both did well!!  More info on that in a another article!  😀
2) Our HA was awesome!  We met so many wonderful people in our travels!  We love the Nazarene Church and it's people!  Thank you all!  We were able to visit God's people in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Florida and California!  Thank you all!!!  We hope that we have been able to ignite or fan the flames of your fire for missions and challenge you to consider what God has for you to do next for and in His Kingdom!

Dr. Steph served in PNG a few years back.

Steph now serves with her husband Andy here!

Our dear friends pastoring in FL

Re-uniting with former PNG missionaries Andy & Judy 

3) We had the wonderful privilege of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with our families for the first time since 2008!!  That was awesome!!
Ma & Pa Myers

Jeff's sister and Mama

Mom & Dad Cummings

Cousins for Christmas dinner

Ohio - winter wonderland!

4) We had amazing times with our kids.  It never feels like enough but we soaked up as much as we could!  We are so very thankful for God's gift to us in the way of our children.  We love them both dearly!  Pray for them as they continue to seek God's will for their lives!

Indians Game in Cleveland!

My most favorite girl in the world, hands down!

5) We got to spend some time with Abby Wagner who is now Ethan's fiancé!  Wow!!  She and Ethan are planning an August wedding!  We were able to meet her family and enjoyed that very much! Abby is a lovely girl and we look forward to future days of getting to know her better!   
The proposal!

6) Jeff, unfortunately, was sick with head cold/sinus infection in the weeks just prior to our departure and it was only after returning to PNG that we recognized some symptoms that were beyond what was consistent with his illness.  We made a trip to Cairns, Australia and found that he experienced a dissection of his internal carotid artery on the right side of his head/neck.   We are extremely thankful for God's hand of protection upon him.  The end result could have been devastating...but it was not!!  PTL!!
7)  We arrived back in PNG just in time to say good-bye to 2 amazing missionary families.  The McCoys retired in January.  We have so enjoyed serving alongside them for the past 18 yrs.  We love them and they are already missed by many.  Then just last month the Dooleys returned to the US, following the direction God has laid on their hearts.  Their departure was expedited as a result of Scott's mother being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Scott served as our Hospital Administrator and Gail was involved in hospital ministry as well.  They, too, are missed greatly!  We do thank God for the many years we were able to walk the journey with them here in PNG.
We've served together since their arrival in 2003!

McCoys served in PNG since 1996!

8) With departures there is a necessary shift in responsibilities.  For this reason, I am back in administration serving as Director of Medical Services and very soon will also attempt to cover the position of Hospital Administrator as well while Dr. Erin gets a much needed break on her HA.  Thankfully, we have an amazing national administrative team and together, with the Lord's strength and direction, we will continue to move forward for the Kingdom!
9) We have a new mission family who just arrived for Australia.  Beautiful family with 5 children, 4 boys and one sweet little girl!  Dave is a pediatrician and is joining our staff at Nazarene Hospital.
The Lean Family

Those are most of the big changes!   Some are fun and exciting and others are a bit more challenging but alas, God knows the future and we can and will count on Him to show us the way!
Thank you so much for your continued support through prayer and giving!  God has blessed us by allowing us to be a part of His team and His work here in PNG and you are an important part of the team as well!!  

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