February 27, 2017

Preparing for Nazarene Hospitals 50th Anniversary

In just three weeks Nazarene Hospital will be celebrating 50 years of medical service to the people of Papua New Guinea.   On March 18th, many will gather to celebrate what God has done here at Nazarene Mission and Nazarene Hospital, the lives that have been ministered to and the lives that have been saved both physically and spiritually!   Special guests will be here with us to celebrate and to speak at the weeks evangelistic meetings leading up to Saturday's main event, the celebration of the hospitals presence for 50 years in PNG! General Superintendent David Graves will be present along with Dr. Verne Ward, Global Mission Director, Asia Pacific Regional
Director Mark Louw and former
missionary to PNG
Rev. Neville Bartle.
Each of these men will be speaking
during the weeks festivities leading
up to Saturdays celebration.

Because of all that will be taking place in the upcoming weeks, the Jiwaka Province has actively been taking part in repairing the road leading into the Nazarene Mission Station.    It is a road belonging to the province and it has been in need of repair for a long time as it has been a very rough washboard.   Through the years hospital maintenance has worked to fill holes and make it a little smoother to drive.   Over the last week the Province has been out grading the road, cleaning the drainage ditch that runs along one side of the road, and sit down for this, they are putting in curbs and a side walk.  And the culmination to this project is that they are to pave the road too!   It has not seen pavement in many years.   We are thankful for this work and for our Lord working in peoples lives to get it accomplished but most of all we are thankful for the lives the Lord has touch in the 50 years that Nazarene Hospital has been open to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Please be in prayer for the hospital and the work being done, also, for all those involved with the planning and the events leading up to the 50th Anniversary celebration!

Thank you!

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