February 23, 2017

Housing and Water Project Dedication

This past Saturday the 18th of February Nazarene Hospital welcomed visitors (US Ambassador for PNG, Aus aid representative and Miles Zinn from NCMI) for the dedication of the Newly completed hospital staff housing and the water project.   We have needed new and additional housing for staff for a long time and through the partnership of USaid, Ausaid and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries  Internatioanl, it has come about and the houses are now completed.   Along with the houses is the water project.   Three wells combine to provide clean water for the whole station.   Each house has been provided with water from the well system.

Below is a link to the news cast from EMTV, PNG's national television station as they were there covering the dedication this past Saturday!  We thank all of those who help to make this happen but most of all we thank our Lord for His hand upon us and for the generosity of those who partnered with us!


In the photo below, if you look at the bottom right corner, (The Blue Oval) you will see 25 little circles.   Those circles and the building close to them is the new well system and pumping house.   This is the south end of Kudjip station and also the highest point of the station.  Hence it is where the well system was located because from here it is all down hill!  The road next to the pumping station is the road to the local village.  There is also a spigot there for them to have access to clean water too.

                By the way Dr Susan and I's house (Red Circle) is the long house in the center of the  
           picture.   It is a duplex, we are one half and the other is shared with our friends the Deuels'.

Photo Courtesy of Tim Deuel

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