February 14, 2017

Jimi Kome Church

Completed Pastor's house
Three or so years back the Melanesia/South Pacific Field was able to help our DS with an iPad.  It was done so that we could stay in touch with them, since many of them live far away and in remote places.   It has also been a great way for them to let us know what is happening and how God is moving in their area of PNG.   One of the DS who has really taken this to heart is DS Kamda Kanzpena from the Bromley Memorial District in the Jimi Valley.   He regularly sends us stories and pictures. 

Rev. Steven and his wife, Kakil in front of
Jimi Kome church.
This story is about the Jimi Kome Preaching Point.  Ds Kamda said, "It's only 3 years [old] now and God's hand is with this Church. It's growing fast.   Rev. Steven and his wife Kakil are working so hard to get the development of the church going."  In the first picture you can see the complete Pastor's house.   In the second picture you can see Rev. Steven and his wife standing in front of their Church building. The last picture you see these men are digging ground in preparation to build a permanent church in 2017. "Rev. Steven is please with many prayers Nazarene Christians sent to his church. God is really working. The Church now has 72 members. All the Christians and the Community members are so excited on what God is doing. We all praise God for his work."  Pray for this church that God would continue to help them grow and reach the lost in their area of ministry!

Photos & story by DS Kamda

Men digging in preparation for a new church building.

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