March 6, 2017

... And the Preparations Continue!

Workers raking and cleaning along the road.
Waiting for the trucks to return, to load them again.
In the last article I shared about how the Provincial Government was helping to fix the outer road that leads back to the Hospital gate entrance.   Well, this past Saturday all of Hospital staff got into the act of cleaning up the road bung. ("Bung", Pidgin for junction or where things come together.  In this case 2 roads.)   It was announced that the cleaning of the road bung would commence at 6 am and go to 9 am.  There were many people from the station who came out to help, if I had to guess, I would say 75 to 100 people showed to be servants and an example to those around the road bung.   We cleaned the banks, picked up trash and several trucks were present to haul it all away.   Maintenance even brought out the backhoe to clean the baret (Pidgin for ditch) were run off water flows away from the road bung.   The baret had filled with a mixture of trash and dirt that had collected from the heavy rains we have here in the Highlands of PNG during rainy season.  With everyone coming together a lot of work was accomplished and the road bung is looking good!
Susan & I along with Rev. Andrew Ken,
chaplian at the Nazarene College of Nursing

Backhoe cleaning out the baret.

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