March 21, 2017

Nazarene Hospitals 50th Celebration

As the third longest tenured doctor at Nazarene Hospital, Dr. Susan shared
her testimony Monday night about how God called her to missions.
A contest was held to create the 50th Anniversary Logo
and this was the winner.  Very Nice!
Well, all the fun and festivities of the 50th celebration have come and gone, but what a wonderful time it was!   Starting on Monday the 13th and going through Friday the 17 was evening services with the big celebration ceremony taking place on Saturday the 18th.   One of the highlights was the nightly testimonies that were given by various people.  Each of our long tenured doctors gave their testimonies but we also heard testimonies from the four ladies who were apart of the first College of Nursing class.   We also heard the testimony of Papa Timothy, the cutest and sweetest man who has worked for Nazarene Hospital for 45 years and from the first Doktaboi.   Papa Kintak (the first
Doktaboi, pronounced Doctor Boy) was trained by Mary Ellis Condor back in the late 50's early 60's. Papa Kintak help in the little bush house pharmacy that Mrs. Condor started.   Another neat fact about Papa Kintak is that his son White Kintak is our Principle of the Nazarene College of Nursing.

Throughout the week we heard from several preachers, DS Andrew Akus, Dr. Verne Ward, Global Missions Director, Rev. Mark Louw, Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator, our General Superintendent David Graves and retired PNG missionary and now DS in New Zealand Neville Bartle.   All week long the Good News of Jesus was proclaimed as Jesus was lifted up and glorified for all He has done for Nazarene Hospital these past 50 years!

Joyce Bartle and Jan Watson being very warmly greeted by
their former nursing students. 

It was great seeing and meeting some of the retired missionaries from PNG who came back for the celebration.   Jan Watson and Joyce Bartle were two key ladies who started the nursing program here at Kudjip many years ago and it was neat to see the nursing students they worked with back then greet them again!   We also had visiting John Bromley and his daughter.   John's father William Bromley died in the Jimi Valley serving the people there and I have visited his grave sight at the district center on the Bromley Memorial District.    It was great seeing some of the old pictures from the early days of the PNG mission here in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  Over the next several days I will be adding pictures from the week long 50th celebration, so keep checking back for new pictures!

Former missionaries and our PNG DSs being honored
Monday Night. Pictured left to right, Jan Watson, Neville
and Joyce Bartle, DS Yambe Sike and his wife Martha.  And
Further right out of the picture were 8 more DSs and their wives.
Thank you for praying for the Nazarene Mission and for Nazarene Hospital, your prayers move the hand of God, Thank you!
Some of our station kids presenting music and pageantry, thanking all
of those who have through the years, had a part in Nazarene Hospital.

Papa Yapo, a very precious man, who worked at Nazarene Hospital for
over 30 years, giving his testimony.   Papa Yapo and his wife mama Sandy
were our neighbors here on the station.   He was our ambulance driver
until he retired.

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