March 23, 2017

More Sights from the 50th Celebration of Nazarene Hospital

The blessings of food from grateful hearts that Nazarene Hospital has been
 here these last 50 years to meet not only physical but spiritual needs as
well in this Highlands region of Papua New Guinea
No PNG celebration would be complete without a Mumu.  To have a mumu you need food and for the 50th celebration you need a lot of food!   People from all over the Highlands brought food to the station as a way of saying thank you!   Even the local high school brought food and firewood for the celebration.   All week long people kept bringing food and not just a little either as these pictures show.  These two pictures are two different deliveries.   Our Lord has truly blessed Nazarene Hospital and has used Nazarene Hospital to bless those we minister to!

More food donations being given for the
50th anniversary celebration.

In the last blog article, "Nazarene Hospitals 50th Celebration"
I mentioned Papa Timothy.   He is a very sweet and precious
 man!   He has worked for Nazarene Hospital for 45 years!
This is Papa Kintak, I mentioned him also in the last blog article.  Oh, by the
 way, that's Susan and I with him.  Papa Kintak was the first Doktaboi trained
by Mary Ellis Condor between '57-'61.  In talking with his son, White Kintak
principle of the College of Nursing, we believe Papa Kintak to be in his
early 70's.

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