March 5, 2010

Pray for Lonah

I can't explain to you why some children touch your heart in such a way that you feel as if they belong to you. How a child you have only known a short while can reach right down to your innermost being and draw you to them. How you can share the anguish experienced by their true parents as they desperately cry out for God's mercy in sparing their child's life.
Lonah was admitted to our Pediatric ward a week or two ago. She has asthma and had a bit of a flare up. She only stayed in the hospital two nights and was then well enough to go home. Late last night she began to experience some shortness of breath and wheezing that developed into a severe exacerbation. I was on my way to the ward for morning rounds when I looked and saw Lonah's mother cutting across the lawn towards me. She quickly shared that Lonah was very sick, that she could hardly get her breath and was looking blue. Lonah's family lives at the Christian Leadership Training College not too far from here. They are students there. CLTC has a clinic and so Lonah was seen there through the night and given breathing treatments but they were not really helping.
When we arrived in the emergency room this Lonah was so very different from the little girl I had taken care just a couple of weeks ago. She was not able to speak because she was so short of breath. After giving multiple breathing treatments, injectable meds (hydrocortisone, aminophylline, epinephrine), IV fluids and oxygen Lonah had improved only a little when I left her.
Throughout the time I was in the ER with Lonah this morning her parents were so very attentive. Her Dad knelt down by the bed holding his daughter's hand pleading out loud his request for God's touch on Lonah, all the while lifting up the precious name of God in reverent faith and trust in Him. Oh, how my heart was touched by this Dad's expression of love for his precious little girl and her Creator.
Pray with me now that God will continue to touch Lonah. I have the rest of today off but had shared the details of Lonah's condition and treatment with Drs. Bill and Erin in order that they could keep a close eye on her this afternoon. Bill called just few minutes ago to let me know that she is improving!!


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