May 25, 2021

Back at it in PNG

Back at it in PNG!  Traveling, as anyone who has tried to travel internationally in the past few months, is a challenge!  But, once again, God paved the way and we arrived back safely to our home in the Highlands of PNG on April 20th.  We then were required to quarantine in our home for 14 days.  That was actually much easier than when we last quarantined in our capitol city in a hotel for those required 14 days! So, we have now had time to get into the routine of station life and work at the hospital and, for Jeff, with the various Field related assignments.

Before we move into this next term though, let's recap the past few months since our last blog.  Ya know, this Home Assignment was quite different then the previous 7 we've done. Covid affected most everything for everyone.  We didn't travel nearly as much as we have in the past which had both positive and negative points.  We didn't get to meet as many wonderful Nazarenes as we usually do which is a bit sad.  But we did get to spend more time with our family, helping out where we could and that was a blessing and we are thankful for those times! God knows what each one of needs and when!

We spoke at several nearby churches in February including Calvary Nazarene in Canton, Shepherd's Hill Nazarene in Louisville and the Little Country Church in Waynesburg!  At the Little Country Church they were not yet holding indoor services but instead had a great "little church" where the speaker/leaders stood, protected from the weather, and shared while all the attendees were in their cars picking up the broadcast on the radio!  Everything worked great!  And we were protected from the rain!     

Long age before coming to the field we lived in Bolivar, Ohio and I worked in Dover.  One of things I most enjoyed was getting to know the families I cared for in my practice, particularly those I had an outside connection with such as within the church.  One such young man, he was just a baby when I met him, is Richie.  Richie is all grown up now and married and is on staff at our home church, New Philadelphia Naz.  Richie's talents and passions involve filming, producing and all things related!  And he is good at it!  Anyway, Richie offered his services to record our VIDEO PRESENTATION in order that we could share from a distance with the churches we had scheduled to speak at but due to Covid were not able to travel to.  We thank you again Richie, for your expertise and patience as we recorded several different lengths/versions of our presentation.  If you are reading this blog and you are interested in using any of those versions for yourself personally or in your church please DO NOT HESITATE!  Drop us an email and we will make those available to you.  In these days, getting missionaries to your area may be a bit tricky and we would love to help out in this way!

The recorded presentation allowed us to share with Grace Point Nazarene in Gambrills, MD and on the New England District in March and April.  We also got to visit several churches on our home district, East Ohio, during a March tour and then at Sparta Nazarene in Michigan.

Yes, God is soooo good and soooo faithful!  We have much to be thankful for!  Susan got to have a mother-daughter weekend with Jessica and we had several overnight's at Ethan and Abby's house.  We enjoyed lunch pretty much weekly with Susan's parents and many visits with Jeff's folks as well.  We even got to enjoy our nephew Isaac's senior recital at ONU and have gotten to know our 1 great nephew on the Myers/Lee side of the family!

Myers/Lees at Mansfield, OH carousel.
Isaac's Senior Recital at ONU

Take care, friends!

Again, if you have an interest in our video presentation please let us know! We can provide a link for you.

Jeff and Susan 

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