February 9, 2021

Update on God's provisions and more

Hey all!!

First and foremost, thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf!  God answered our prayers for safe travel!  We left PNG on the 3rd of December as planned, and arrived in Canton, OH as scheduled...just 55 hrs after we left our home in Kudjip, PNG!! God is good!  God also provided us a car to use through our dear friends, Jim and Kathy!!  So again, thank you for your prayers!

Hard to believe we have already been home for 9 wks and 4 days!  We enjoyed some very special times with family over the holidays and beyond.  Snow for Christmas was a welcome treat, too!! Also, we were able to celebrate Jeff, Susan and Jessica's Birthdays together in person and will celebrate Ethan's this week! We never get tired of being with our family!    

Our deputation trail began on Jan 10th at Troy Church of the Nazarene where our daughter Jessica is on staff.  We had a lovely time there!  And came away with an open invitation to pickleball which we took advantage of the following week!!  Yay!!!

Next we traveled to Winchester, IN where we enjoyed good services and a very nice time getting to know the pastor along with Rosie after the service. Rosie and her mom have put together countless warn baby packets for Nazarene Hospital over the past 8 yrs or so.  What a blessing they have been to so many newborn babies in the highlands in PNG!!  Thanks, Rosie and Louise!

In the evening we had the pleasure of visiting Pastor Max and Leona Downs and our Franklin CON Family in IN.  We had a great time re-uniting with these wonderful friends!

Jan 24th we were at our home church, New Philadelphia CON!  Love being with all of them!  They have been amazing to us over the years in sharing their love and support and we are incredibly thankful! 

Next we made a quick, long trip to Florida the last week of  January and so very much enjoyed time with our Indiana snow bird friends, Mike and Carla and then our long time friends Steve and Lezlie.  Again, God is so good!  These friends are such a source of encouragement to us.  Hopefully, they were able to sense our appreciation and love for them as well!

Finally, yesterday morning we were at Canton Calvary CON not far from where we call home while stateside. We had several family members and long time friends in attendance which is always a treat!  Thank you all for welcoming us!

Please continue to pray for Nazarene Hospital in these days.  We remain short of doctors.  As time away, thru Home Assignment or vacation, is needed it does leave those left behind short-staffed.  Everyone was thrilled to finally be able to get some help into PNG through a short-term volunteer and friend, Dr. James and a new doc planning to stay for the next two years, Dr. Daniel into the country recently. The needs will continue as some of us long termers return and others then take their time away.  Pray for strength of body and mind as we move forward and for continued discernment of God's leading.

Thank you all! Many blessings!

Jeff and Susan

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