February 5, 2018

Important Training in Church Development!

Jeff teaching the Articles of Faith.  The Illustrated
Articles of Faith are a great tool!
Joani Goossens going over church board
budgets and finance.

DS Ako Arua of the South Coast District.
This past weekend I, along with Karla and Joani, from the Field Office spent the weekend in Port Morsbey teaching and training pastors and church board members on the South Coast district.   We left on Friday from Hagen and flew to PNG's capitol city.    I taught about the Nazarene Articles of Faith (by the way do you know have many Article the Nazarene Church has?) and talking about the duties and responsibilities of the Church Board as well as covering the calling of a pastor.   On Saturday morning  Karla startled off covering Statistics.   Statistics are on of the areas that Karla is often training in.   I very much like the way Karla has explained it to our district secretaries, it is important to understand and get the statistics reported correctly because, "it is the way in which we tell the Church what God is doing in the Church of PNG!"   God is doing great things here in PNG!   Joani is our Field Treasure and was asked to come and share concerning church budgets.    Our National brothers and sisters are very eager to learn and they were asking a lot of great questions through out the weekend sessions.    I appreciate DS Ako asking us to come down, it was a great time together.    Ds Ako and his sweet wife Lilly are special to us as DS Ako was our first pastor here at the Station church when Susan and I first arrived in PNG.   DS Ako and Lilly also were pioneer members in radio ministry in PNG.   DS Ako was one of the 5 original (as I like to say) Founding Fathers of Radio Ministry.    Lilly was one of our first Directors of the Women's program that we air across PNG.   Sho also came up with the name for the program Krai Bilong Ol Meri, (The Cry of the Women).   We thank the Lord for His hand upon this weekend!   We had great fun with the South Coast District and they were very appreciative.
Karla Deuel training in Church Statistics.

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