November 8, 2017

Meningitis, meningitis, meningitis...

I mentioned a few weeks back that we are seeing a lot of children, infants mostly, with meningitis (infection in the meninges, the tissues around the brain).  Well, late yesterday afternoon we lost another child to this nasty infection.  Please be in prayer with us on how we can best help these little ones.  Pray that every healthcare provider across the country will be attuned to the signs and symptoms of meningitis such that appropriate treatment can be started early and lives can be spared.  Pray not only that these precious children will survive but they will not have long term brain injury that prohibits them growing and developing normally.

These three little ones all have brain injury from their recent infections.  Pray for their parents, too, as they deal with caring for children with disabilities.  There are not a lot of services available to them to help and encourage along the way.
Thank you!  God is faithful and He does hear our prayers!

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