April 18, 2017

God Works Though W&W in Vanuatu

This report comes from Rev. Peter Isaac, Missionary from PNG to Vanuatu and currently serving as District Superintendent of the Vanuatu District.   He and Jenny's (Peter's Wife) home district, Chimbu/Eastern Highlands district greatly support Peter and Jenny with a financial gift towards the building of a district center in Vanuatu.  The Chimbu/ Eastern Highlands district followed that up with a Work & Witness team to Vanuatu to lay and pour the foundation for the new district center.   We praise God for working in this district and for the support they are giving to their home district missionaries the Isaac's.   Below is a report from DS Peter on how God used this Work & Witness team from PNG to impact lives in Vanuatu.

"Thanks for your prayers and support toward W&W team from PNG who came to Vanuatu to set the foundation for our District Center. God has given us a good weather from the beginning through Saturday, which was the final day of work before we would close our foundation project and the weather changed. Though rain and cyclone came, it did not disturbed the work, they completed it perfectly. 

We have Mundi Dama the coordinator of the project, who oversaw the work and Joe Bagme the work supervisor instructed and divided us in to five groups to work on different areas to completed the task. Every team member not only worked, they prayed before and after work, they sing worship and praise within the break period, they witness to individual and within the group. They also seem to adjust themselves into Vanuatu culture within a week to help our people. That changes many youths.  Many have never been in the church before but came to church and testify about how the W&W team touched their lives. We praise God for this wonderful team.

The District Center foundation is done.

We scheduled them to preach at five churches, and they did very well. Many were at the alter crying to God to forgive their sins. We had three days revival service and God really came down to touch his peoples lives. We see the power of God moved us to another level of life we never experienced before.

The PNG W&W team also testifies that the very first day they touched down at Port Vila airport, they had already been touched by the divine hand of God. They were warmly welcomed by our church leaders right at the airport with flower rings, and on their way back one of our leaders bought Vanuatu hat to every individuals for Vanuatu memory. 

Keep praying for Vanuatu as at the end of this project they were hit but a very serious cyclone and are working to recover from this storm.

Story and Photos by Peter Isaac

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